POPL is a neighborhood restaurant located on an iconic corner by the water in the Copenhagen neighborhood of Christianshavn, a place for everyone to come together with family and friends over the simple joy of a well-crafted burger. 

The name POPL derives from the Latin word “populus” meaning community of people, but also refers to poplar wood, which is a nod to our approach and our great respect for nature.   


Our organic Danish beef comes from farms, where the cattle roam and graze freely to enrich the existing wildlife and support the health of the soil. 

Our vegetarian and vegan burgers are not an afterthought. We spent months developing the recipes in noma’s fermentation lab. Cooked quinoa goes through a two day process to become patties.  

Furthermore, we are tapping into the community of producers that noma has been working with over the past 17 years. The best crafts people: from platemakers, to biodynamic farmers, to fermenters, brewers and winemakers. This dedication to quality, innovation, cooking and environmental consideration is the backbone of POPL.


Our core team at POPL is a group of noma veterans, both front and back of house, who bring that energy, devotion to craft, attention to detail, and dedication to service, to everything we do.


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Strandgade 108
1401 Copenhagen K

VAT no: 37427519